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Admission Requirements

TNTCS does not discriminate in the admission of students.  Subject to available space, applicants who meet the academic requirements of TNTCS and who express willingness to cooperate with the school’s policies may be accepted.  Admission is a privilege and not a right, and may be withheld or withdrawn by the school at its discretion and in harmony with its objectives and procedures.  All parents and students are required to read and sign the last page of the TNTCS handbook.


Applications must be submitted prior to the beginning of a grading period. 

New applicants must submit a letter of recommendation and/or transcripts (with all applicable records) from previous school(s).  All new students to TNTCS will be accepted on a probationary basis for a period of six weeks.  


TNTCS is proud of the high achievement of its students.  The teachers will do what they can to work with those who have particular educational needs; however, the school is not equipped to offer special help to children with learning disabilities or other special needs.


The State of Pennsylvania requires that children be immunized before they are permitted to attend school.  A signed physician’s statement is required certifying to this.  A new immunization certificate must be presented at the beginning of the year for each child. Parents who conscientiously object to immunizations must provide written proof of exemption from state and/or local health authorities or comply with state regulations before the student can be enrolled. It is required that a report of a physical examination be submitted for new student(s) and sixth grade.  


Any existing conditions that would exclude a student from normal school activities should be so stated.  Please try to provide the teachers with as much information as possible concerning your child(ren).

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